In this section we will be listing the various projects we will have ongoing. These may be to raise money for a particular renovation plan or to get a group of people interested in organising a new activity, for example.

A positive from the summer Covid-19 lockdown was that whilst we had no one in the hall, we were able to get the repainting done and upgraded the electrics. Another was that with so many people using the Coop, their donation for our cause was well over two thousand pounds! 

The live-streaming fundraising project was also launched early summer and that is over half way to the total needed for the equipment.

As many have noticed, there are plenty of things that could do with a little TLC. So our toilet upgrade project is probably next on the list! We are planning some regular monthly activities - Saturday Night at the NewVic and Afternoon teas, with a little extra. The funds raised from these will go towards these projects and also provide opportunities for village talent to bring their ideas to the stage.

To make a donation, please go to our Donate page.

If you have ideas for a show/entertainment, please contact us and we can discuss how we could support you.

There's no question about it: the best theatre is collaboration. The best anything is collaboration.

Lonny Price


Management Committee:

Liz Coyle-Camp -  Chairman

David Milas - Secretary

Richard Beattie - Treasurer

Phone: 0300 302 3090

Address: High Street Tisbury, SP3 6LE

Registered Charity: 1114198

Village Hall with a stage - NewVic@Tisbury
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