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Tis the Season 2022

Once again, we want to use the concourse area adjacent to the main hall as a gallery space to showcase local artists and crafts people’s work during the events of Tis the Season - the weekend of December 3-4.

Costs and Sales.
The cost to display your work is £2 per piece, please bring payment with your artwork. 
If you would like to sell your work, we can either take payment in the form of cash or cheque or swap contact information for you with the buyer. We ask that you keep your artwork on display during the exhibition.


We also now have a card carousel with 20 bays measuring 40cm wide by 22cm high. We will offer each bay for £2 with a max of 2 per person. If you would like more please indicate on the application form and I will contact you if we have them available closer to the event.

Delivery and collection of work.
Please deliver your artwork to the Hall on Thursday 1st December between 6 and 8pm and collect it on Sunday 4th December after the last event (not known yet), or by agreement in the following week. Please contact Ros at the contact number below.

Please send your completed application form to us by 4th November, by email or post: Holly Cottage, The Quarry, Tisbury, SP3 6HR. 


Download the application form HERE.

Neither The Victoria Hall nor its officers shall be liable for any loss or damage to works of art, howsoever caused, which might occur whilst they are in the gallery or in transit.


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