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A New Sound System

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Budget: £1,300

How to donate:

Our initial installation will be a surround-sound system, to the same spec as in the churches. This will be accessed by a wall mounted panel and will have a DMX channel. Anyone hiring the hall can plug into the system easily, and will be included in the basic hiring fee.


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Budget: £300 Donate to this project: To fund much needed new signs and temporary banners for the front and sides of the building.

Painting the hall

Calling for filler, caulk, ladders and painters... A full project plan is being drawn up now! If you have ideas, think you can help, or just want to be kept in the loop, contact us!


Management Committee:

Liz Coyle-Camp -  Chairman

David Milas - Secretary

Richard Beattie - Treasurer

Phone: 0300 302 3090

Address: High Street Tisbury, SP3 6LE

Registered Charity: 1114198

Village Hall with a stage - NewVic@Tisbury
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