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Autumn Concert

I thought going to an "Autumn Concert" at the NewVic would be the relaxing, contemplative evening of calming music that I so needed after such a wet and windy Autumn. However, it was not. It was not just that, it was that and so much more. What a treat!!Set in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with round tables, red cloths and little lights, my friends and I settled in with our glasses of warming wine. There was a feel of a classy nightclub about it. Three ladies, one a guitarist, one a vocalist and the other a wordsmith kept our attention totally for nearly two hours with funny poetry (read professionally with accents to boot), heartbreaking and humorous love songs and atmosphere-creating string playing. I laughed and cried during this selection of ironic, true-to-life subjects that we could all relate to about life and its farces, love and loss. What wonderful talent these guest ladies brought to Tisbury, please come back in the Spring and do it all again! Jo Frost.

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