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With Tiz the Season and the panto it's all been a bit full on for a few months, but there is still ongoing activity on redevelopment projects.

We were successful in a Wiltshire Area Board application and have now received a new screen and projector. We are also finalising the order for some sound equipment and this means that some new audio-visual events will be happening soon. Anyone for a Film Club???

Anyone going to the panto will know that we were donated a freezer and now have a contract with Purbeck Icecream. Hurrah!

We've also high-level cleaned, mended curtains, painted the corridor, dealt with overflowing drains and gutters and have some temporary signs up outside.

We have a couple of other applications for funding underway. These are targeted at upgrading the electrics. We are also getting quotes in for dealing with the toilets and upgrading kitchens in both halls. As these are going to cost a fair bit of money nothing will be happening in the short term, but we will be concentrating on raising funds to do it.

Since the Autumn last year we have raised over 1,000 pounds in donations and profit share on the various events we have put on. Which is amazing - thank you.

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Management Committee:

Liz Coyle-Camp -  Chairman

David Milas - Secretary

Richard Beattie - Treasurer

Phone: 0300 302 3090

Address: High Street Tisbury, SP3 6LE

Registered Charity: 1114198

Village Hall with a stage - NewVic@Tisbury
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