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Music Night

24th July

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The Music Night on July 24th will be three acts in two halves with a break.


First two acts total 45 minutes

Semi acoustic - Hummingbird (Liz Coyle-Camp and Charlie Greenwood) seamlessly followed by Little Big Voice and Silent Knight (AKA Kiara and Gwil)


Second act 30 minutes

Then we ramp things up with ‘Can’t Make Mondays’. Fully mic’ed up band playing a wide variety of music - blues, rock. country  you name it. Fresh from their set at Gold Hill Festival. 

Can’t Make Mondays’ is comprised of Gary Proctor, Dan Jackson and Kellie and Josh Jackson

Tickets: We will seat people at tables - please book the group number when ordering to make it easier for us!

The NewVic has been set up to be a COVID secure venue, great care and thought has been put into cleaning and social distancing. We expect the rules to have eased significantly for this performance, but will still adhere to good practices, to ensure everyone feels able to come along and be safe. 



Folk, country & blues featuring toe-tapping melodies and ear-pleasing harmonies.”

Hummingbird will be joined on stage by Gwil on piano for a few songs.


Hummingbird are: Charlie Greenwood - Vocals and Liz Coyle-Camp - Vocals and guitar.


Little Big Voice and the Silent Knight

Kiara (vocals) and Gwil (piano) have been performing together for over two years with their own take on songs old and new. 
Piano and vocal blended with a Capella breaks create arrangements of familiar songs that are fresh and unique.


Can't Make Mondays

From quiet, introspective songs to outright rockers - "Can’t Make Mondays”, Kelly, Chris, Dan, Josh, and Garry, provide something for everyone. Variety guaranteed! Fresh from the Gold Hill Festival.


Can't make Mondays are: Kelly,  Gary Procter, Dan Jackson, Josh Jackson, Chris.

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