• Victoria Hall

Cleaning the hall!

First job is a high level clean - where the weekly cleaners can't get. We are getting quotes from commercial cleaning companies, and also assessing how much we can do ourselves.

If you have suggestions for people to ask, please get in touch.


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Budget: £300 Donate to this project: To fund much needed new signs and temporary banners for the front and sides of the building.

Painting the hall

Calling for filler, caulk, ladders and painters... A full project plan is being drawn up now! If you have ideas, think you can help, or just want to be kept in the loop, contact us!


Management Committee:

Liz Coyle-Camp -  Chairman

David Milas - Secretary

Richard Beattie - Treasurer

Phone: 0300 302 3090

Address: High Street Tisbury, SP3 6LE

Registered Charity: 1114198

Village Hall with a stage - NewVic@Tisbury
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