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'Twas Tiz the Season

We planned an ambitious day of festive activities and were very happy when so many of you came through the doors to enjoy the decorations, food, art, music, mulled wine, theatre and carols on Saturday. We had many compliments ’What a lovely vibe’, 'The place is buzzing’, ‘The hall has never looked so good’… 

You could hear a pin drop during the play and everyone was up for some singing and audience participation during the carol concert. 

But we really have a LOT of thank you's to send out - to the 22 artists who submitted their work and manned the desk, to the 7 lovely tea ladies, to the 4 bar staff, to the 10 of you who made soups and cake brought delicacies from the UK and around the world, to the 11 musicians who sang for us in the afternoon, to the 8 actors, to the painters and sew'ers and cleaners and wonderful ladies who decked the halls and hung the paintings and chair and table movers and washer up’ers and to the archivists for the hall pictures and definitely to the members of the St John’s Swingers and all the Community Choir led by the hugely energetic Graham Dalby.

And thank you to everyone who came and donated over 900 pounds to help us regenerate the Victoria and Elizabeth Halls.

There is obviously a huge appetite for art and music and entertainment in the village. Please look out for all the activities we are planning in 2020 to showcase our talented artists, musicians and actors. 

Ros Russell

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